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Latest Goat Madness, and Tribute to Bob Godfrey R.I.P.

When You're Stuck Indoors

The story of the Coronavirus lockdown in goats and music. Joseph Bell's hypnotically catchy composition set to a medley of goat pictures.

Beaks To The Grindstone

The Journalists' Tale

These two 5 minute animations were produced by Bob Godfrey to be broadcast on Channel 4 in the summer of 1985. In 'Beaks' Falklands residents Pete and Pauline Penguin face down Margaret Thatcher's youth policies. Sally Grace provides the most chilling, (and in my opinion the best ever) voice of Margaret Thatcher. In 'Journalists' Harry Hardnose and Barry Blockhead discover the joys of union membership. The late Bill Wallis puts in a virtuoso performance as a thinly disguised Robert Maxwell. The films were commissioned by Channel 4, who provided 90% of the funding, but despite being completed on time and on budget, they were never broadcast. The reason was entirely political (see below for further details). Never one to bear a grudge, Bob hung a wooden effigy of Thatcher from the top of his studio in Covent Garden. It was a huge honour and enormous fun to work with and learn from him. He died in February 2013, aged 91.

A number of animated films based on Steve Bell's work have been made and broadcast on BBC 1 and 2 and Channel Four:-

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1984 - 'Rights? What Rights?'

See it here:
  Mr Great White still Pete Pauline Walrus still A 15 minute animation for video. The harrowing story of Pete and Pauline, the YTS (Youth Training Scheme) Penguins in which the villains, Mr Great White and Mr Walrus, steal the show. Most of the training jargon they use is authentic.

Animation and production by Animation City
Producers: TURC Video (Birmingham Trade Union Resource Centre).
Voices: The Joeys, Robert Llewellyn, Jenny Lecoat

1985 - 'Beaks to The Grindstone' and 'The Journalist's Tale'

See 'Beaks to the Grindstone' here:
  The Bob Godfrey website is here:

Golden Guano still Mutton Mine still
Thatcher still Beat The Boot still

Two 15 minute animations produced by Bob Godfrey and TURC to be broadcast on Channel 4. In 'Beaks' Pete and Pauline return with radically altered hairstyles to face down Margaret Thatcher's youth unemployment policies. Mr Walrus is now a hi-tech entrepreneur, but his employment practice remains in the stone age. Both films were commissioned by Channel 4, who provided 90% of the funding. The remaining 10% came from the NUJ for 'The Journalist's Tale' and from West Midlands Council, Sheffield City Council, NALGO and the Greater London Council (which was abolished by the Thatcher government in 1987) for 'Beaks to the Grindstone'.

Barry Blockhead still Barry Blockhead still
Morning Mule still Big Bob still

Despite being completed on time and on budget, neither film was actually broadcast. The reason was entirely political. Other than being released on video, the films were only ever shown at the Cambridge Animation Festival in 1985. When questioned during the same festival about their non-broadcast, the then controller of Channel 4, Jeremy Isaacs, said that he did not want a situation where the likes of Ken Livingstone could "buy airtime". Since neither Livingstone, the GLC, nor indeed any of the other sponsors, including Channel 4, had any influence over the script or the final edit, this seemed a little unfair.

Art Direction: Kevin Smith Picket Baby
Background and Layout: John Challis, Kev Smith, Malcolm Hartley
Animation: Rick Villeneuve, Jeff Goldner, Simon Ward Horner, Julian Gibbs, John Cousins, Malcolm Hartley, Paul Rosevear, Bridget Colgan Connor
Assistants: John Bennett, Julian Gibbs, Jimmy Farrington, Les Newstead
Animation Coordination and Supervision: Malcolm Hartley
Recorded at: The Barge

Margaret Thatcher: Sally Grace,
Big Bob: Bill Wallis,
Mr Walrus: Robert Llewellyn,
Pauline: Jenny Lecoat,
Harry Hardnose: Steve Bell,
Barry Blockhead: Bob Godfrey
Editors: Tony Fish and Peter Hearn at Picturehead
Camera: Roy Watford
Laboratories: Studio Film Labs
Dubbing: Mag Masters
Titles: Kev Smith/ Lofty Titles
Background Artwork: Kev Smith and Steve Bell

Trace and Paint: Sidney Parsons, Denise Hambry, Lou Catling, Beryl Godfrey, Angela Bristow, Lucy Elvin, Jean Ashby, Pat Petronio, Pat Shaverien, Stephanie Peate, Kate Cowan, Wendi Ellis, Christine Dawe, Sue Way, Simon Moon, Sarah Malthouse,Tracy Paint, Lynn Anderson
Made at Bob Godfrey Films, Neal Street, Covent Garden, London WC1

Directed by Steve Bell and Bob Godfrey
Written by Steve Bell
Produced by Dave Rushton
Assistant Producer: Rose Shepherd
Production Manager: Mike Hayes

'Beaks to the Grindstone' sponsored by: Channel 4, the GLC (Greater London Council), Mest Midlands County Council, Sheffield City Council, NALGO (National and Local Government Officers Association)

'The Journalist's Tale' sponsored by: Channel 4 and the NUJ (National Union of Journalists

1987 - 'Nuclear Power', 'British Star Wars' and 'Nigel Lawson',

See 'Nuclear Power' here:
See 'British Star Wars' here:
See 'Nigel Lawson' here:

Nuclear Power Nuclear Power
Star Wars Yuppies

Three one minute animations produced by Bob Godfrey and the BBC for comedy series 'Hello Mum!', broadcast on BBC1.
Directed by Bob Godfrey and Steve Bell
Producer: Jamie Rix
Voices: Sally Grace, Clive Mantle and Nick Wilton

1987 - Send In The Clowns

See it here:

Reagan A three minute animation on the US involvement in Nicaragua, produced by Bob Godfrey and Channel 4 for broadcast on the 'Comment' Review of the Year 1987 slot after C4 News.

Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
Voice: Howard Stableford
Piano: Nik Kok
Musical Director: Steve Hall
Animation: Louise Harding, Steve Roberts, Neil Salmon
Camera: Heather Reader
Produced at: Bob Godfrey Films, Kings Cross Rd, London WC1
Directed by: Steve Bell
Cartoons Copyright © Steve Bell 1987
Comment Review Produced by: Andrew Curry
Broadcast Copyright © Channel 4 1987

1992 - In The Box

A series of animatics drawn by Steve Bell, written by Stan Hay and produced by the BBC for 'Standing Room Only', broadcast on BBC1.

1994 - Animated title sequence for 'Standing Room Only'

Animation: Malcolm Hartley and Steve Roberts

1996 - The Grey Area

A series of one minute puppet animations produced by Steve Bell for 'Big Mouth' series, produced by Rapido, broadcast on BBC2.

See 'Bollocks the Useless Engine' here:

1999 Margaret Thatcher - Where Am I Now?

See it here:
A series of five three minute animations produced by Bob Godfrey and Channel 4 and broadcast in the 'Comment' slot after C4 News on the twentieth anniversary of her coming to power.


Margaret Thatcher:
Sally Grace
Alderman Roberts et al: Jon Glover
Bob Godfrey, Kevin Baldwin, Alastair McIlwain,Oliver Brown, Dennis Sisterson, John Cousins, John Challis
Steve Bell
Bob Godfrey, Oliver Brown
Colour Assistant:
Liz Loveless
Archive Research:
Alex More
Production Coordinator:
Oliver Brown
Rowland Lee, Peter Baikie
Music Recording:
Alex Russell
Digital Ink and Paint:
Jeff Goldner and Rhodri Cooper at Animation Post
Sound Mix:
Wild Tracks
On Line:
Evolutions TV
Archive Footage courtesy of:
ITN and British Pathé ©
Copyright © in original cartoons:
Steve Bell
Mike Hayes
Bob Godfrey
A Bob Godfrey Production for Channel 4
Broadcast Copyright
© Channel Four Television Corporation MCMXCIX